Christmas Mystery 2019: Rio Vacation

Christmas Mystery 2019: Rio Vacation

05 june 2019 year

Come along for a great adventure! Unlock many unique Glades, upgrade objects and play with cute pets in Christmas Mystery 2019, the most magical game ever. Hop into an amazing game update - the ‘Rio Holidays’ and dive into a rave of color, fiery samba beats and fireworks of unforgettable emotions.

Only in Christmas Mystery 2019 can you:

  • create your own unique magical glade! Improve, upgrade, and decorate it! Amaze everyone!
  • look what awaits you in the game! The surprises won't leave you disappointed!
  • craft unique toys! This is the place where magic happens!
  • raise and nurture your Capybara, the sweetest pet in the world! It’ll pay off!
  • play with friends and rate their glades! Make new friends, help and compete with others!
  • take part in competitions! It's time to show millions of players, who really is Santa's best helper!

Santa, Martha and a cute pet are awaiting you on this Magical Glade. But enough talk, real miracles happen here - join right now!

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