Christmas Mystery 2019: Venice Carnival

Christmas Mystery 2019: Venice Carnival

20 march 2019 year

Come along on a real adventure! Unlock a plethora of unique Glades, upgrade objects and play with cute pets in "Christmas Mystery 2019", the most magical game of the year. Hop into an amazing update "Venice Carnival" and dive into a kaleidoscope of lively events, endless fun and unforgettable emotions.

Only in Christmas Mystery 2019:

  • create a unique magic glade! Improve, upgrade and decorate! Amaze everyone!
  • look what awaits you in the game! The surprises won't leave you disappointed!
  • craft unique toys! Only in Christmas Mystery 2 is there no limit to the magic you can do!
  • raise and nurture your Lionet, the sweetest pet in the whole world! It'll pay you back!
  • play with friends and rate their glades! Make new friends, help and compete!
  • take part in competitions! It's time to show millions of players, who really is Santa's best helper!

Santa, Martha, the Lionet and others are waiting for you in the Magic Glade. But enough talk, real magic happens here - join right now!

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